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Defense of interests and rights of sportsmen and other professionals in sport sphere in labour disputes with clubs and other sports organizations and federations, as well as those concerning admission to competitions, anti-doping rules violation and problems with doping-control, compensation and insurance payments etc.
Representation of interests and defense of rights of sportsmen and other professionals in sport sphere in proceedings, pending in disciplinary bodies of sports federations and organizations of all levels, assistance in dealing with cases which are under consideration in Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland in all disputes, arising from sport issues;
Sport clubs representation in the above mentioned issues and disputes;
Drafting of the individual labour contracts for sportsmen, coaches and professional sport clubs; drafting of the contracts for image rights` assignations, representative (agent's) contracts etc.
Legal analysis of contracts, offered by club or other sport organization labour and all other personal contracts, correction of such contracts taking into account client's interests, assistance in dispute resolution and mediation proceedings of disputes, which may arise between sportsman, coach or other sport professionals and sport clubs, agents, federations etc.
As well you can be provided with assistance in any other legal issue - consultations in civil, commercial, administrative law for legal entities and persons, who are dealing with sports, documents` drafting such as statutes, regulations, disciplinary rules and others; licensing of sport clubs, coaches and other sport organizations, drafting of business correspondence with international sport organizations, legal consultations and aid on wide spectrum of issues within sport, or out of it.